Korandovods* will enjoy jamborees twice in the 2016 Summer!

Dozens of korandovods’ jamboree partiersSummer will be in soon and it became a custom when in the late June the korandovods from across Russia and FSU converge altogether to meet pals, shake hands, face the new names and address tech and cars issues.

Certainly nobody refuses to have loads of fun, chill out, hit the road on fam tours or stand each other in healthy friendly rivalries.

Annual rallies of SY\Tagaz cars fans and www.korandovod.ru ‘ top-talkers began on back 2008. Since that time korandovods met each other in Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Omsk, Nizhnevartovsk, in Altai, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, in Khakassia! Starting from 2014 korandovods from Southern Russia hold their own local gathering – so called “Southern Jamboree”

In 2016, the 9th  annual jamboree of korandovods will be held on Olkhon Island (Lake Baikal), from June 20-24! So it is a not to be missed event! For many, a trip to Lake Baikal — it's ideal, and the 9th  jamboree of korandovods, friends, colleagues and affinities  — that’s a cause to fulfill the dream.  Olkhon island is an extraordinary place. There are no heavy vegetation or fairy landscapes like in Europe. Half of the island covered by free bleak grasslands and the other — forests, mountains, sand and pine trees, similar to Baltic pine barrens. There are fancy trees, impressive rocks, Lake Baikal …

But first and foremost – vibes\energy. You will feel it and be filled with it. And “…that is the major you’d take away with you from here…” as Tatiana Molotsilo ( AKA “barselina” on www.korandovod.ru forums)  says, the campcrafter of the Ninth Jamboree. Any member of the previous jamborees can add for himself that you will take home fond memories, happy moments, smiles and off-roaderian sense of unity. And cause of that pizzazz we bunch forgather every season to meet old bucks and buddies. On arrival, just when emotion metabolism, snapping and rolling are down — we start to discuss a new rally.

Geo vastness of Russia is a little hard to truly comprehend and our leaves do not envisage with country miles and fuel amounts to travel. But we do wish hard to meet our soul mates. And that’s why since three years ago we decided on our www.korandovod.ru forums to gather down south (Southern Jamboree) – as a certain option to distanced Siberian meetings. The idea adapted and developed as we could see a lot of people admired to come southbound.

In 2016, Southern rally named "Quiet Flows The Don" will be held June 22-26, in the Rostov region. Don river bathing, snuggles, fam tours, all the korandovods jamborees habits were followed and added with southern hospitality! Therefore korandovods, mussovods*, tagerovods* and all the other fans of SsangYong\TAGAZ are invited on Don riversides. Even if you changed the brand but SY rooted in heart and soul or for you to come to Baikal is too far —  you are welcomed to the South!

The both jamborees' orgs promise a lot of vigorous, cheerful and exploratory attractions. Up to you is only to choose a right track – where to rally!

*  SYM\SYK and TRP\TT  owners ( SYM = SsangYong Musso and its licensed Tagaz copy – Road Partner, SYK = Ssangyong Korando and its licensed Tagaz copy – Tager)